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 ~NG Radio Codes

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PostSubject: ~NG Radio Codes   Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:11 pm

Here You Can Find The Global Radio Codes, They Are Used By All Government Departments.
Try to Memorizes all this Codes, Write it down you'll need it on duty.

10-0: Patrolling the Area.

10-3: Stop transmitting.

10-4: Ok / Roger That / Understood.

10-5: Repeat Message.

10-7: Off Duty.

10-8: On Duty.

10-9: Requesting Immediate Back-Up.

10-10: Requesting a Patrol Partner.

10-15: Prisoner in custody.

10-16: Pick up prisoner.

10-17: Requesting Immediate Pick-Up.

10-19: Return to station.

10-20: Location.

10-22: Disregard last assignment.

10-23: Stand by.

10-29: Check for wants.

10-45: Condition of suspect / victim.

10-45A: Good.

10-45B: Serious.

10-45C: Critical.

10-49: Proceed to ().

10-53: Man down.

10-54: Officer Down.

10-55: Hostage Down.

10-71: Shooting.

10-72: Gun involved.

Code 2: Urgent - no light or siren.

Code 3: Use lights and siren.

Code 4: No further assistance needed.

Code 5: Stakeout.

Code 6: Stay out of area.

Code 11: SWAT Needed.

BOLO: Be on the Look Out.

VC: Visual Contact.

LEO: Law Enforcement Officer.
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~NG Radio Codes
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