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 ~ Grove Street Familiez Members ~

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Grove Street Familiez
Grove Street Familiez

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PostSubject: ~ Grove Street Familiez Members ~   Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:27 pm


Sweet Johnson

Has the last word in the gang's decisions, he's the Gang Leada', gives orders to the ranks below him.

Co. Leada'


Second in charge has proven himself to the Leada', when the Leada' is not around he leads the Family.

Warlord/Top O.G.


He has proven himself as an important part of the gang, gives the lower ranks orders.



This guy is a trusted member of the gang, makes sure the gang always got guns, cars etc...



He's respected but not trusted with authority, he deals drugs and arms for the gang.



Is a part of the gang and is allowed to wear their colors, has not much respect tough.
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~ Grove Street Familiez Members ~
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