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 ~ Recuitment Medical/Fire Department Application (OPEN)

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PostSubject: ~ Recuitment Medical/Fire Department Application (OPEN)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:21 am

Recruitment Status: OPEN

Dear candidate for employment.

On-behalf of the Los Santos Emergency Service, we would like to thank you for expressing interest in starting a career as a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician inside the City of Los Santos. We would like to express our best wishes to you and hope that you will be successful in gaining employment with the service. The Los Santos Emergecy Service provides invaluable services to the city such as providing response to anything from emergency medical calls, road traffic collisions to full blown structure fires. As a Firefighter/EMT you will be expected to maintain significant proficiency in the role and maintain yourself to set standards in-order to save and preserve lives of the citizens in our beautiful city.

Please fill out the following form and forward it once completed to this (Aka submit a new thread).

What to title your post as:

Code: Select all
Lastname, Firstname - FF/EMT


Code: Select all
-- In Character Section --
1) Surname:

2) First name:

3) Current or previous occupation:

4) Have you ever been charged with a criminal offense, whenever it be misdemeanor or felony?: Yes/No
- If yes, which and why?:
A) Have you ever received a traffic violation ticket for speeding, reckless driving, etc? Yes/No
- If yes, why?:

5) Do you hold a full Class 5 with Airbreak Endorsement Los Santos Driving License: Yes/No

6) Give us a brief summary of your life and tell us about yourself (Minimum of 150 words)

7) Why do you wanna join the LS-EMS:

I, YOUR FULL NAME HERE, declare that all submitted information is valid and truthful and I waiver my rights and allow the Los Santos Emergency Service to preform full background checks on my previous employment records, financials records and also criminal records histories. I also declare that should I be found of sumbitting false information, I may find myself rejected and banned from employment with the services and possibly facing criminal charges depending on the severity.

-- Out Of Character Section --
1) First Name:

2) Timezone:

3) Country:

4) Do you have any real life medical experience/knowledge?

5) Why do you wanna join the LS-EMS (Minimum of 100 words)

6) How many hours a week you can be active per week:



If you have any references from a current member in the LS-EMS, insert them here.

Members name:

Current rank:



(( Notes: ))

1) This is an IC/OOC form/forum.
2) NEVER post in another person's topic unless you are law enforcement verifying someone's criminal record history.
3) Don't hassle the person who accepted you IC or on the forums. For that matter, don't hassle other FF/EMT members either. If you do, expect your application to be void. This includes asking induction dates.
4) Never bump your topic.
5) Use OOC brackets when making OOC posts.
6) In the OOC medical experience question, saying things like "I know almost everything about medicine" or "I study medical things" WILL be tested by me personally. Liars will be barred from entry. Just saying "No" is fine, but it's best you give a lovely justification to why we should employ you.
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~ Recuitment Medical/Fire Department Application (OPEN)
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