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 [OFFICIAL]Ñorteno Osos Pardos

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$BuLLz EyE$
Ñorteno Osos Pardos

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PostSubject: [OFFICIAL]Ñorteno Osos Pardos    Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:52 am

Ñorteno Osos Pardos







((Padrino)) -Padrino is the leader of the gang and was the one who created the gang
and got the Familia together

((Menisco)) -Menisco is second in command and when Padrino is not around he takes
care of the gang

((Gamberro)) -he is the favorite of the Padrino and has all the reaspect he earned

((Bandido)) -he is in command of all lower ranks then him but needs to put in more work for
the gang to put him where he belongs

((Dispiandado)) - earned his rag and is now become a Ñorteno Osos Pardos

((Cholo)) - lowest rank in the gang and needs to earn a lot like his rag and most of all

mediafire.com ?wwcnmmtdnhz

1 Once you are a member we would like you to keep the informations for yourself, do not release them to others OOC, releasing them IC will result you a Pk as we can't intervene on your IC Rp methods, also you'll recieve a permanent ban from joining the faction, the ban can be lifted only if a high rank agree's with it.

2 It is a MUST to folow and obey all the server rules at all times, any sign of breaking any of the server/gang/turf rules rules will result you to recieve a punishment and an ban from re-joining.

3 We do expect to see good roleplay standars from you if you're willing to join the faction, I/we would like you to roleplay in a positive way and not to be a "negative" during our Roleplay within the gang.We need to keep the faction at a high roleplay standart as our hit is currently hitting the official status.

4 OOC moaning and bad language towards others players is not tolerated, we would like you to keep your negative comments for yourself as it will just bring us bad reputation, if we found out that you're dooing such things you'll get a permanent ban from the faction, no excuses.

5 Using local OOc(/b) during roleplay is NOT tolerated, moaning and crying won't get you anything good, keep it for yourself and report them on the forum, let the action continue.

6 You MUST have a quite clean admin record, by having more then 2-3 Admin jail or a ban you'll show that you're a rule breaker and that you don't disserve a place within the faction.

7 Any admin jail on any of the faction members MUST be reported to a high rank, we will later find and it is better to find it from you, so don't be scared by the punish you'll recieve, do what you have to do.

8 Remember to always roleplay realisticaly, always RP fear, don't think you're the big person and you're not afraid.Don't be a "rambo" just cause you feel ashamed to recognise you're in trouble.

9 Expensive vehicles are parked outside of the hood, at the stadium, as the rules says, we can't have expensive vehicles into our hood, it's unrealisitcal, and try hesite using them when we are Rp-ing, this rule is implented strictly.

10 If you have a flying or weapon license we will ask you to burn it, why?Because gangs do not use licenses for such things, you'll Rply burn them so you won't lose them but as long as you're in the gang you WON'T be able to use them.

11 We would like you to read those before joining, it is a must:


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PostSubject: [official]Norteno Osos Pardos   Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:34 am

Your Application has been ACCEPT.
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Grove Street Familiez
Grove Street Familiez

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PostSubject: Re: [OFFICIAL]Ñorteno Osos Pardos    Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: [OFFICIAL]Ñorteno Osos Pardos    

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[OFFICIAL]Ñorteno Osos Pardos
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