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 ~ Server Rules~

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PostSubject: ~ Server Rules~   Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:33 pm

National City RP Rules
1. OOC is an english-only chat. Use PM's to speak in other langages.

2. No Death Matching (DM).

3. No driver-shooting.

4. No helicopter blade-killing.

5. Any events being hosted by admins, or players are completely OOC. Unless they specifically say it is not.

6. This server does NOT allow any form of hacks or cheats.

7. No flaming or insulting in OOC chat.

8. If an Admin makes a decision, you should not argue about it.

9. No flooding/spamming of anything in any chat. You will be muted/kicked.

10. Do not Powergame (PG) and do not Metagame (MG) as we are here to Roleplay (RP).

11. No revenge killing.

12. Do not spam commands such as /report.

13. You may roleplay small scams but if you are caught repeatedly doing this, action will be taken against you.

14. Character Kills (CK) cannot be forced apon a player. The player must agree to the CK.

15. Bunny hopping is considered non-RP, do not do it.

16. You may not have any more than 3 accounts.

17. No advertising other servers or services(You may not create things like a TeamSpeak server) unless you have an Admins aproval.

18. You may not Water Evade in a police chase.

19. The robbery limit is $5,000 and the scamming limit is $10,000.

20. Raiding government headquarters is not allowed, since it is not realistic
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~ Server Rules~
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