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 ~ LSPD Rule~

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PostSubject: ~ LSPD Rule~   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:55 am

Downtown Police Department
Being a Police Officer isnt just catching or killing criminals. Police Officer is a tough job. You need to rescue civilians from crimes and try not to harm them AT ALL COST!Being a Police Officer you don't have the right to shoot or kill the criminals. Try arresting them and avoid a Vital part of their body when your on shoot out.

1. As a D.C.P.D officer you should always RP, this is an RP server and we will abide by that. I want our faction to lead the way in role-playing so that we can eventually get the rest of the server role-playing too. Failure to role play WILL result in you being fired from DPD.

2. You should always follow orders from a Superior Officer. As this is a ranked environment role-playing requires you to follow the Superior Officer’s commands like you would in real life. Failure to do so WILL result in you being fired from DPD.

4. Unless a civilian starts shooting at you, or a fellow Officer, first you must NOT open fire! When a civilian shoots at you, you should take cover or retreat. You should then tell the civilian that he will be either arrested or tell him to put his hands up and tell him the command. If they continue shooting, you should put them down. If they continue shooting at you while you are explaining you are a Police Officer you should report them for NON-RP/DM.

5. If there is a call for help on the radio it is your duty to respond to that call.You must try your best to get into the danger zone to save the Civilians at all costs. You should always travel in pairs when possible so that you can eliminate any threat quickly and efficiently using your Teamwork skills.

8. If a player refuses to role-play with you, you should alert an admin to this breach of the rules. When you put someone in a role-play position server rules say that they HAVE to role-play. If they DM you you have the rights and reasons to report them.

(( Credits to Andy/Webmaster/Sweet for this ))
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~ LSPD Rule~
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