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 LSPD Handbook

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PostSubject: LSPD Handbook   Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:31 pm

General Guidelines

1. Always act professionally, you represent SAPD.
2. You must follow ALL laws of San Andreas and NEVER commit crimes, even off duty!
4. Always work to the best of your ability, if you don't feel like working hard, don't go on duty.
5. Be respectful and follow yours superiors orders.

Radio Guidelines

1. When speaking trough the radio always speak clearly, understandable and provide accurate details.
2. Communication is very important and it may influence the failure or success of a mission / operation.
3. Make sure you never forget the Police Codes, you can write them down or print them.

Patrol Guidelines

1. NEVER patrol alone unless you are the only one online, patrol in groups.
2. Always be friendly, polite and professional to everyone.
3. Provide backup to other Law Agencies if they request it.
4. Make sure you have full health and loaded weapons (armour recommended).

Suspect Chasing Guidelines

1. When Chasing suspects always be careful at other drivers.
2. Correctly performing the PIT maneuver could successfully disable the suspect's car.
3. In a chase the driver is in charge of concentrating at driving and chasing, while the partner is in charge of using the radio and megaphone.

Guns Guidelines

1. Never shoot cooperative suspects or innocent civilians.
2. You can open fire ONLY in the following situations:
2.1 -- Suspect is running on foot or in a car.
2.2 -- Suspect is posing a threat to your or other officer's / civilian's lives.
2.3 -- Suspect opened fire at you or other officers.
3. Don't shoot unarmed suspects, use your pepper spray or baton to get them to comply.
4. If you are getting shot at, run to cover and return fire, ask for backup if you have time.

Drive-by Guidelines

1. NEVER drive-by as a driver in any car.
2. NEVER drive-by a suspect that is on foot unless he is firing at you or he tries to run.
3. You can only drive-by in the following situations:
3.1 -- Suspect is running on foot or in a car.
3.2 -- Suspect is running in a high-speed car.
3.3 -- Suspect opened fire at you or other officers.
4. When drive-by-ing a car, try to shoot the wheels.

Trespassing & Private Property Guidelines

1. If a wanted suspect is on a private property, the police are allowed to enter the property.
2. Civilians that enters the private area of LSPD ( including garage ) should be warned twice, after the warns, using less-lethal force is allowed.
3. A warrant is needed if the police wants to enter a private property when there is no wanted suspect in there.

LSPD Members breaking the rules will be punished!
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LSPD Handbook
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