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 Los Santos Laws

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PostSubject: Los Santos Laws   Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:34 pm



The State of San Andreas LAWBOOK is a book that contains the Laws of the State.This rich source of Law information is Approved by the SA Mayor himself.It contains several chapters of Laws that should be respected and obeyed.

1.General Laws
2.Vehicle Laws
3.Weapon Laws
4.Property Laws
5.Police laws

Chapter I

General laws
-In the State of San Andreas the Mayor is the highest person of the Law.He must be respected and obeyed.
-Respect the enforcers of the law and always cooperate with them.
-When choosing jobs choose the legal jobs.
-Doing illegal jobs is a crime**
-Planting drugs and using them is a crime**
-Smoking in public buildings is forbidden*
-Performing stunts in public(Without permission)is forbidden*
-Making a race without permission is illegal and is considered as a crime**
-Creating events without permissions is a crime**
-Blowing up Gas Stations is not only punishable by law,its also punishable by Server rules because its considered as a mass DM*****
-Urinating(peeing)in public is a crime*
-Selling drugs in public is a crime***
-Scamming,robbing and tricking other people is a crime**
-Kidnapping people is a crime***
-Killing or murdering people is a crime***

Chapter II

Vehicle laws
-Never drive a vehicle without a license*
-Always drive carefully and dont hit pedestrians
-Always drive on the right lane,Never drive on the left*
-If your car breaks down on the middle of the road push it away and call a mechanic
-Speed limit in the city is 80km/h,out of the city 100km/h and on the highway is 160km/h
-Crossing the speed limit is forbidden*
-Transporting a vehicle that occupies 80% of the road(example:Combine) should be escorted by the police**
-Never ram other cars*
-Always park on the right side of the road*
-NEVER park your car in the middle of the road unless its an RP about a car accident*
-When parking always look for a parking place
-If you dont find one you can park on a sidewalk that is NOT used by the pedestrians.
-Dont park on places where its forbidden*
-Carkilling and Helikilling are punishable both by law and Server rules***
-Slamming an AT-400 in the LSPD or the city hall is a crime*****

Chapter III

Weapon laws
-In the State of San Andreas weapons are only allowed for self defensive purposes.
-To posses a weapon the person needs a weapon license
-Possessing a weapon without a license is punishable by the law*
-NEVER leave a gun where a child can reach it*
-Showing a weapon in public is punishable*
-Shooting at civilians is a crime**
-Selling weapons in public is illegal***

Chapter IV

Property laws
-In the States of San Andreas everyone is allowed to own properties
-The properties can be used as:A place to live(House or apartment),A business,An HQ...
-In the Public properties of the San Andreas State smoking unless on your property is forbidden*
-Carrying weapons in public buildings is forbidden**
-Planting bombs in properties of the San Andreas State is a crime***
-Trespassing in private properties is forbidden*
-If a wanted suspect is on a private property, the police are allowed to enter the property.
-Civilians are forbidden to enter the Private area of LSPD**

Chapter V

Police laws
-The San Andreas Police Department is an organization that enforces the law and protect the civilians.
-The SAPD is group that trains high quality officers and is always ready to serve the Law.
-Tickets are a way that the SAPD uses to teach the people what isnt right.
-If the ticket doesnt teach the people the SAPD must take further action(Jail).
-Always listen to officers and cooperate with them**
-Not pulling over when an officer orders you is punishable*
-Evading the police is a crime***
-Stealing police vehicles is a crime***
-Destroying police property is a crime**
-When entering the LSPD always behave well.Dont run inside**
-Assault on an officer is a crime**
-Insulting an officer is punishable*
-Invading the LSPD is a crime*****
-Planting a bomb in LSPD is a crime*****
-Fighting and Urinating(Peeing) in the LSPD cells is a crime and is punishable by increasing the time in jail**
-Using weapons in the LSPD by people who aren't part of SAPD is a crime***

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Los Santos Laws
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