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 Public Q & A

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PostSubject: Public Q & A   Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:44 pm

Los Santos Police Department

Public Q&A

Following is a list of common questions and answers brought to you by the Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations Department. Any appropriate questions sent in by the public will be answered and publicized here.

Chain of command
Q: How many ranks are there in the LSPD?
A: The LSPD has eleven different ranks, they are (ranked from lowest to highest): Officer I, Officer II, Lead Officer, Senior Lead Officer, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Deputy Chief, Chief of Police.

Q: What does "C" and "HC" stand for?
A: The two abbreviations "C" and "HC" refer to the two highest ranked groups of the department. "C" is short for (LSPD) Command and "HC" for (LSPD) High Command. The LSPD Command contains all officers with the rank of Lieutenant or Captain, while the LSPD High Command consists of the Commanders, the Deputy Chief and the Chief of Police himself.

Q: Who decides which officers are promoted and which aren't?
A: The executive decision lies with the Chief of the Police, however every candidate for a promotion is discussed within the Command and High Command groups within the LSPD.

Q: At what point has a police officer the right to search me?
A: If a police officer has reason to believe a person is either guilty of a crime, they have the right to frisk them.

Q: At what point has a police officer the right to handcuff me?
A: A person that is suspected of committing a crime (A suspect) is eligible to become handcuffed by a police officer. Also, if a police officer feels endangered due to, for example, a large amount of people around themselves, they can handcuff a suspect and put them in custody (Often inside a police cruiser) until the situation is taken care of so any issues can be straightened out.

Q: How do I get to ride along with a patrolling unit?
A: Contact any officer on patrol and ask them to contact their highest ranked officer for permission. You can either try to get the attention of a nearby unit or come down to the police station and wait for someone to pass by. Only Lead Officers and higher ranked officers can take you with them.

Laws and acts
Q: How many "driver warnings" can I receive on my drivers license before it is revoked or suspended?
A: If a police officer gives you a third driver warning, your drivers license will be suspended for one month (( Day )). After the suspension of your drivers license is outdated, You may re-take your drivers license at the DMV.

Q: How and where do I acquire a firearm license?
A: You can apply for a firearm license under the Firearm Licenses Tab
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Public Q & A
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