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 [official]SurSide Surenos 13 OOC & IC Rules

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Ñorteno Osos Pardos

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PostSubject: [official]SurSide Surenos 13 OOC & IC Rules   Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:49 am



1. dont ever, ever question, disrespect or command the El jefe

2. dont go any where without letting the El jefe know where your going

3. always go with someone where ever you are going

4. never go against the Familia in anyway

5. act loyal to your the familia

6. never do anything without the El jefe,Padrino or Vatos command

7. listen to higher ese's then you

8. back eachother up at any cost


1. dont OOC insult, never OOC insult

2. listen and do what you are told to do by higher ranks

3. dont non rp, if you are getting robbed and a gun is pointed to you and you have no gun
act fear

4. dont MG or even PG and i mean at all times

5.dont RK or PK without the El jefe,Padrino or Vato there

Breaking these rules will lead you to a PK and kick out of the gang
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[official]SurSide Surenos 13 OOC & IC Rules
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