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 Application form..

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PostSubject: Application form..   Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:52 pm

Please make a new thread and use this format : "Your Name Here" - NG or National Guard Application
Copy and paste this code and fill in the details as best you can. Type after the end of color code..

[color=green]Driving Experience((exemple1/10)):[/color] 
[color=green]Shooting Experience((exemple1/10)):[/color] 
[color=green]Flying Experience((exemple1/10)):[/color] 
[color=green]Tactical Experience((exemple1/10)):[/color]
[color=green]If you had situation that police would be the wanted man and if you knew him very good would you catch him?:[/color]
[color=green]Why do you want to join the NG?:[/color]
[color=green]What can you give NG?:[/color]
[color=green]Criminal Record:[/color]
[color=green]Phone Number:[/color]
[color=green]Address (If none just say N/A ):[/color]


[color=green]I [color=red]Your name here[/color] will follow the rules and laws that i get[/color]
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Application form..
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