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 NC-RP Helper Application - Darren Morgan (Roxer)

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Server Helper
Server Helper

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In-Game Name: Darren Morgan
Level: 1
Faction: FBI

PostSubject: NC-RP Helper Application - Darren Morgan (Roxer)   Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:03 am

Name? Darren Morgan

IRL name? Andreas

Age? 14

Where you from? Sweden

Why you want to be helper? I wish to help people in this server, I got a three years of SAMP experince, where two of them is RP. Been on famous SA-RP and LS-RP (No advertion) And I know basics in RP. So mainly, my goal will be to help people, and spend my experince.

Why we should accept you to be helper? Im good to work with, and I learn quick. I already know what it takes to be a helper / Tester. And Im sure you wont regret if you accept me, I got plenty of experince, as earlier said.

Did you be helper in another server before? Yes, the famous PR-RP. (No ads). I was there as a helper a few months ago, but quitted due to big mess and now left it for good.

Note talk about your self? IRL? Im a nice guy, swedish. Wink And uh, I know proper english, I know this game very well. Yeah, thats me.
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PostSubject: NC-RP Helper Application - Darren Morgan (Roxer)   Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:14 pm

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NC-RP Helper Application - Darren Morgan (Roxer)
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